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When You Need Legal Help, Hire An Aggressive Former Prosecutor To Ensure A Strong Defense

My 14 years of experience with the local courts and as a trial attorney for the most serious offenses, including capital crimes, can benefit your case. I am one of few defense lawyers in Washtenaw County who can offer this kind of insight. I also cover Livingston County and many of the surrounding Michigan counties.

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A Trial Attorney With Rare Insight Into Local Felony And DUI Cases

I am one of only two defense attorneys who has worked in the prosecutor's office in recent years and regularly practices in Washtenaw and Livingston counties. That means I not only have relationships with those prosecuting your drunk driving case, but I know what's important to judges when presenting your case. I know the technicalities involved in DUI and Michigan law because I once trained the police officers. I also practice in many of the surrounding Michigan counties.

A Lawyer Who Is Both Ready To Fight For You And Who Knows The System As A Former Prosecutor

Hire an attorney who is ready for trial when necessary and brings to the case a special knowledge of the local prosecutors and courts and how they approach cases. That's the kind of representation you'll have when you choose me. I bring to the courtroom years of experience prosecuting and trying cases with high potential penalties, including life in prison. Call my office at 734-249-6245 or send me an email.

Aggressive, Yet Passionate About Helping You

I truly believe in individualized attention to your case and crafting a defense tailored for your specific situation. My goal is to help you through the system and onto a better future.

For college students facing charges, I know your future is on the line. If you face drug charges, assault charges or offenses such as possession of alcohol or trespassing, I can develop a defense strategy in hopes of the best possible outcome to protect your future.

Experience With The Complexities Of Medical Marijuana Cases

Whether your situation involves civil, municipal or criminal court, I would like to help. This area of law is new and emerging, and I have represented clients facing difficult situations in these matters.