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DUI Defense From The Prosecutor Who Trained The Police

When you step into a courtroom to face a drunk driving charge, you want to put your best foot forward.

Prosecutors only know you from what they see on paper. Your BAC, whether you are a repeat offender and the details of your traffic stop.

I know — because I used to be a prosecutor in Ann Arbor.

For more than a decade, I worked on DUI cases, reviewed them for charges and tried them in court. I was the prosecutor assigned to sobriety court, which officials created to help repeat drunk driving offenders get treatment for addiction. This means I know how to help you build up your defense and take the steps necessary to show a judge you are dedicated to making a change.

I trained the police on how to legally administer drunk driving tests. I understand the technical requirements in Michigan law, so if there are any holes in the investigation, I can craft an argument to ask to the judge to reduce the charge.

Basically, I have an insider perspective on what is most important to your DUI case.

A Combination Of Experience Not Easy To Find In Washtenaw County

I am one of only two defense attorneys who regularly practices in Washtenaw County and who has worked in the prosecutor's office in the last several years.

  • I know what you can do to be proactive when you appear on the charge. With my guidance, you can complete the tasks that are most important to judges and prosecutors when they view your case.
  • Whether you were speeding, involved in a hit and run or had other traffic violations, the most important step you can take is to talk to an experienced attorney who can tailor an approach for you. That way, you can step into the courtroom confident you did all you could to appear in the best possible manner.

What If A Driver Refused The Chemical Test?

If you refused the police officer's request for a chemical test, you can lose your drivers' license for a year.

However, to prevent the loss of your license, your attorney must request the hearing within 14 days. Timeliness in this matter is crucial.

Hire One Of The Few Defense Lawyers Here With An Insider's Perspective

Call me, Susan Longsworth, PLC, at my Ann Arbor office at 734-249-6245. If you prefer, send an email. I can help you understand the impact of your charge, such as a license suspension, fines and other costs.

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