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Helping College Students Protect Their Future

College students can make mistakes.

No matter the circumstances, every student deserves the best criminal defense possible to charges and accusations that could impact their future — internships, job opportunities and graduate school.

Susan Longsworth, PLC, serves as a lawyer for college students charged with crimes such as underage drinking, drug possession, drunk driving, trespassing, assault and other violations.

What Is The Regents' Ordinance?

Both police and campus officials can charge University of Michigan students through either the local prosecutor's office and/or through campus under the Regents' Ordinance.

The Regents' Ordinance is a listing of regulations regarding the use and protection of university buildings and property.

When a charge threatens your educational opportunities, you need experienced, local, legal guidance. In many cases, there are opportunities for referral programs if you have the right defense attorney with knowledge of the local judicial system. For drunk driving cases, I also have unique experience as the person who once trained local police on sobriety testing.

Contact A Local Ann Arbor Attorney With Experience As A Prosecutor

The future is on the line. Hire an attorney with rare insight into the Washtenaw County prosecutor's office.

One of just two criminal defense attorneys who regularly works in Washtenaw County courts and who has worked in the prosecutor's office during the last several years, I provide a real advantage. I not only have relationships with those prosecuting your case, but I know how prosecutors might approach your felony or misdemeanor charges.

Call my office in Ann Arbor, located near the University of Michigan, at 734-249-6245 or connect with me via email.

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