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Across the country, several states have approved the use of medical marijuana. Michigan voters approved the state's medical marijuana law in 2008, but the issue has faced a myriad of legal challenges since then.

Legislators recently approved licensing measures to regulate such operations and allow for greater ease of purchase, legitimizing the industry that undoubtedly will still face many legal hurdles.

Whether you are a patient who purchases medical marijuana, a caregiver or the operator of a dispensary who faces a legal matter related to the issue, I can help. With my experience in civil, criminal and municipal matters, I will craft an approach to your case that strives for the best possible outcome. I have worked on cases in this area of law and I am up-to-date on the latest developments that could possibly affect your matter.

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An Emerging Area Of Law

Under the law, individuals with a valid doctor's recommendation may keep up to 2.5 oz. of marijuana in their possession. The law also allows for manufacturing — patients can grow 12 marijuana plants for their own use.

After the voters approved the law, retail dispensaries have operated largely under the radar, with some municipalities disrupting the medical cannabis industry through zoning or other ordinances.

Local communities are still determining how many — or if any — of the dispensaries will be allowed in their jurisdiction and under what ordinances. Some caregivers who offer wider access to medical marijuana for their patients face pushback from municipal leaders who don't believe the operation should exist in areas zoned for homes.

Individuals seeking to exercise their right to purchase or provide medical marijuana under the law need experienced lawyers who can fight a drug charge or zoning violation.

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