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Ann Arbor DUI Attorney

OWI & DUI Laws in Michigan

Arrested for drunk driving? Fighting DUI or OWI charges can be difficult, especially as law enforcement works to crack down on drunk driving. However, when you work with an experienced Ann Arbor DUI lawyer, you set yourself up for success while navigating the criminal justice system.

The BAC limit is 0.08% or higher for individuals over the age of 21 and 0.04% or higher for commercial drivers.

At my firm, Susan Longsworth, PLC, I have more than 15 years of experience working with clients like yourself who face drunk driving charges. I take the time to approach each case with an aggressive defense strategy that is tailored to your unique situation. Throughout the years, I have earned a reputation for my skill as well as my dedication to protecting my clients' rights.

Discuss your case during a FREE consultation with a Ann Arbor DUI attorney.

Michigan Drunk Driving Penalties

1st Conviction DUI

The penalties for a 1st offense DUI include the following:

  • Up to 93 days in jail
  • Fine of $500
  • Friver's license suspension for 180 days
  • 360 hours community service
  • Probation
  • Course on DUI education
  • 6 points on your record

2nd Conviction DUI

Penalties for a second offense DUI in Michigan include:

  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • Fine of $1,000
  • 1 year driver's license suspension
  • 30 - 90 days of community service
  • Probation
  • Course on DUI education
  • Confiscation of license plate
  • Possible Installation of Ignition Interlock Device

Felony DUI

Any of the following will elevate your charges to Felony DUI:

  • 3 OWI / OWVI convictions
  • DUI causing serious injury
  • DUI causing death

Effective Defense Strategies for DUI & OWI Charges

When I take on a DUI case, I review all of the available evidence, including the police report and any breath or blood test results.

When investigating your case, I will ask:

  • Was the police officer who pulled you over properly trained?
  • Was the breathalyzer or chemical test performed correctly?
  • Was the police stop lawful?
  • Was it an improper arrest?
  • Were the testing devices calibrated properly?
  • Did any physical or medical factors affect test results?

My insight is particularly unique when it comes to drunk driving cases — I used to train police officers on administering sobriety tests. This benefits my clients facing DUI because I know the technicalities involved.

Being pulled over and arrested for DUI or OWI can be terrifying. You may feel pressured to answer questions or take a plea. It is vital to understand that law enforcement does not have your best interest at heart. Never answer questions until you have an Ann Arbor DUI lawyer present. You can rely on me, Susan Longsworth, to protect your rights vigorously.

Reach me at (734) 201-0303. I offer free consultations and have offices in Ann Arbor and Brighton.